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American Cable Service's High Speed Internet

A Fast, High-Speed Connection

American Cable Service's High Speed Internet gives you all the speed you need, and more. It's amazingly fast--up to 70 to 200 times faster than dial-up. And the instant, always-ready connection over your cable TV line never ties up your phone. 

Using the latest in high-speed cable technology, Web pages snap open, music and photos download in seconds. The Internet truly comes to life. And only American Cable Services gives you the extra tools you need to make the Internet as easy and hassle-free as possible.

The American Cable Services High Speed Advantage
Cable Internet brings you all the tools and services you need for a better Internet experience!

  • Instant, high-speed Internet connection
  • Downstream speeds of up to 27Mbps and upload speeds of up to 512Kbps
  • Pop Up BlockerSM tool—blocks almost all pop-up ads and junk.
  • One email address, with 5MB of server space.
  • Free, customer support from our high-speed experts

Don't you deserve the American Cable Services High Speed Advantage?


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