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Private Cable Television

Private Cable Operators (PCO) directly compete with the larger franchise cable operators. PCO's usually install their system in developments, condo/apartment complexs or other multiple tenant areas such as Planned Unit Developments.

We presently serve a community in Central Florida that will have over 30,000 homes installed with a Fiber Broadband System, offering Television, Internet, Intranet, security installation and monitoring as well as VOIP for telephone service.

Satellite channels are received in the Headend and amplifier, modulated, combined and transmitted over fiber to the customers. In smaller com-plexes, coax cables are used instead of fiber.

Programming to the customer can be a basic package of 21 channels, all way up to 180 channels with Digital and HDTV plus music, pay per view, and sports packages. We also include ethnic cultural channels from foreign countries as well as narrowcasting for special interest programming.

ACS designs, installs and maintains solutions for developers. This can be developer owned or ACS.

Private Cable Operator

Franchise Cable Operator

Usually has exclusive contract with development

Has City or county Franchise

Does not cross public right of ways, streets, etc

Pays a fee to cross city streets

Headend located on the development

One headend per township

Uses State of the art equipment

Usually can’t afford to keep up with state of the art equipment

Smaller area to maintain

Maintains total township

Offers shorter down times and quicker service

Has to answer to city for delays

Usually always, underground cable construction

Usually always aerial construct

Non pole attachment fees

Pays pole attachment fees

No Franchise fees

Pays franchise fees

Provides programming project wants

Take it or leave it programming

No large equipment needed to maintain system

Must have lift trucks and trenchers

Lower worker’s compensation payments

Higher worker’s comp

Lower insurance rates

Higher Insurance rates

Lower power bills to run system

Higher power bills

Line powered

Line powered

Installs system quickly, under 2 months

Takes a long time to install

Contracts for 10-15 years plus

Renewal every 5 – 10 years

Offers 860 MHz, Internet and Telephone

Only 5 % of system offer same

Usually does not install Ad Insertion

Usually always add Ad Insert

No cost for local origination

High cost of Local Origination

No Video production facilities

High Video Production Cost

Few or no sub-contractors after installation

On-going outside sub cost

High density per development (500 homes/mile)

Low density, 50-100 HPM

Low to no lightning damage or outage

Very high lightning damage

Low overhead

Very high overhead

Low number of amplifiers in cascade

High number of cascade amps

Concentrates on MDUs homes

Concentrates on single family

Offers personal touch

Cannot provide personal touch

No government forms for systems

Multiple government forms

Customized channel line-up

Un-customized Ch. Line-up



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