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Structured Cable

The link in uniting all your home's electronic technologies is the wiring network installed during construction. Commonly referred to as structured wiring, it is fundamentally the most important future-proof item that you can select during the design phase which will insure your new home not only meets the requirements you will have but also those of potential buyers when reselling. Technology is changing at an unprecedented speed and the impact these changes are leveling upon consumers is profound. The newest environment that technology is advancing in is inside your home. Refinements in the security, environmental, lighting, and entertainment industries have enabled products that were previously industrial in nature, and costly, to be introduced to the consumer.

At American Cable Services, our advanced wiring experts will recommend a structured plan for your home. Advanced wiring, home networking solutions, inter-connect multiple home office products, users, and locations throughout the home. Our staff will show you how central connectivity, to home entertainment systems, delivers internet and video effortlessly to any room. And by collecting several of the home's sub-systems such as security, telephone, and television into a single, unified, master interactive entity, you will enhance your lifestyle with convenience and easy use of all your home electronics.


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